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Leg day has the reputation of being the most anabolic of any day in the workout schedule. In this video, we’re going to dive deep into the “bro-science” to see if this long held belief has any truth to it as it relates to raising your testosterone and turning you into an all out man!

To start you have to understand the science behind the statement. Is leg day the most anabolic of all training days and is skipping leg day a mortal sin? The answer is strongly supported. First of all, you need to know that resistance training is capable of increasing your testosterone during your workout. Second, if the training is intense the testosterone output is higher than if it is of a lower intensity. Thirdly, the more of a metabolic demand your workout places on your system (ie. more lactic acid is produced at the same high intensity) then your increase in testosterone will be highest. Finally, the more muscles the lifts you perform call on, the more intense and hormone stimulating they are.

All signs point to leg day being the holy grail of training. Why? Because when you consider the squat versus the bicep preacher curl for example, you can see the obvious tipping of the balance in favor of the squat. It is obvious to anyone who has ever touched a weight that the squat is a much more demanding (and unpleasant!) exercise than the preacher curl. This is because it demands that half of your body be called into action to complete it.

The curl on the other hand is a safe, metabolically limited exercise that can be performed with much less effort and focus than the squat. Approach a curl with low intensity or focus and you have a bad set. Do the same with a set of squats and you can get seriously injured. The risk is greater but the reward is much much higher.

That said, there is much more to the exercise that makes it so productive. Besides the very fact that the exercise alone is more intense it offers the additional benefit of allowing you to load up with heavy weights that instantly makes it more demanding and capable of sparking testosterone release. Throw in the element of training with a challenging weight but doing rest pause reps and getting into the higher rep ranges that make you burn like crazy and feel like you want to throw up, and you’ve just tapped out the metabolic mastery that the squat provides for.

The beauty of leg day is that no matter what exercise you do, you are always training much larger muscle groups than say the biceps, triceps or even the chest for that matter. These will always be more demanding exercises and therefore will have a greater impact on the testosterone that your body can produce during a leg workout versus any other workout.

The key benefit here is that you must remember that the increased testosterone is not only impacting the muscles that were being trained that day, in this case the legs. No, the increased hormone production is also going to have a major impact on the other muscles that you may have trained yesterday or the day before that are still very much in recovery mode. The exposure to the increased testosterone does great things towards improving the protein synthesis and growth in those areas as well. So all the way around, leg day is an anabolic winner.

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