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. . Is it more beneficial to exercise while fasting or to eat before exercising? Find out.

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0:00 Should you exercise while fasting?
0:10 The four variables of exercise 
0:24 The purpose of exercise 
0:47 Don’t overtrain 
1:12 Recovery mode 
2:10 The problem with consuming food before you workout 
2:40 Working out while fasting 
4:50 What type of exercise to do 

In this video, we’re going to talk about whether or not it’s a good idea to workout while fasting. People have this idea that they have to eat before they exercise to have enough energy. 

The purpose of exercise is to make you more fit, to increase the health of the system, to build more capacity, to have less stress, etc. 

During a workout, you’re stressing your body, your body adapts to that stress, and then it improves various things. But, make sure you don’t overtrain because overtraining will inhibit your sleep, keep your inflammation up, and reduce your gains. 

The four variables of exercise:
1. Type of exercise
2. Intensity of exercise 
3. Duration of exercise 
4. Recovery after exercise 

Things that happen during recovery mode: 
• Glycogen reserve replenishment  
• New capillaries are grown 
• New mitochondria 
• Cell structure repair 
• Restored enzymes 
• Cleared lactic acid 
• Increased growth hormone 
• Increased glucagon 

Disadvantages of eating before you workout or doing carbo-loading:
• You can decrease the amount of growth hormone you produce 
• You can increase lactic acid 
• You greatly diminish the ability to burn fat 
• You can create insulin resistance

Benefits of exercise while fasting:
• A massive additional increase of growth hormone
• Amazing reparative actions  
• You can enhance fat burning by 20-30% 
• You can improve insulin resistance 

What to do:
What type of exercise you should do depends on your recovery. If your recovery is poor, you could do low-intensity workouts like aerobic exercise or walking. You can build up to high-intensity interval training and compound resistance exercise. 

In summary, yes, it may be very beneficial to exercise while fasting, especially for reparative actions. 

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand why it may be very beneficial to exercise while fasting.

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