Do Isometrics Build Muscle? (YES IF…)

Build ripped, athletic muscle using more than just isometrics

Isometric exercises and workouts are one of the most misunderstood training techniques for building muscle. Many believe that you can’t build muscle with isometrics because they have either been told this at the gym, or don’t feel sore the day after doing them. Both of these would be bad reasons to disregard the power of isometrics for helping you to get bigger.

With isometric training, you are able to increase the maximum force generation you can produce during a lift. More than either the eccentric or concentric portion of the lift, the isometric helps you to recruit more motor units into a contraction. Because of this, you can use isometrics to help develop the much needed mind-muscle link or you can simply use it to boost your time under peak tension.

If you use isometrics in your workouts to build muscle you will want to be sure to extend the length of time that you hold them. Too many people cut their isometric exercises and workouts using isometrics far too short to see the most benefit. Aim to hold the exercise for between 45 and 60 seconds if possible.

Now there are two different types of isometric exercises. Both of them can be used to build muscle. There are yielding isometrics which you use to fight the force of gravity. There are overcoming isometrics that force you to try and move an immovable object. I cover both in this video on how to build muscle with isometrics.

If you’ve been wondering, can isometrics build muscle, hopefully you will see just how effective they can be. If you want a complete program that trains you with not just this type of muscle building exercise but others as well, you will want to visit and check out the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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