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Did you know that most of the alcohol damage to your liver doesn’t come from drinking alcohol?

0:00 Most of the alcohol damage to your liver isn’t really from the alcohol
0:23 The byproduct of alcohol breakdown, acetaldehyde, is highly toxic
1:42 The liver doesn’t give symptoms until the damage is extensive
4:31 I explain why some drinkers get cirrhosis and some don’t

Did you realize that most of the alcohol damage to your liver isn’t really from drinking alcohol? Let me explain. When you drink alcohol, your liver has to break it down. It does this through an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. The byproduct of this breakdown is called acetaldehyde. It’s highly toxic, even in low concentrations.

Acetaldehyde has the ability to increase collagen growth in your liver, called fibrosis, otherwise known as cirrhosis of the liver. It causes oxidation and free radicals, and it’s the free radicals that cause the destruction of your liver. You develop a fatty liver. You get inflammation, which is the body’s response to try to heal the damage. This leads to scar tissue and cirrhosis.

The liver doesn’t display symptoms until the damage to it is extensive. You can go for years without symptoms. You may notice your gut is increasing but not realize your liver is filling with fat that’s spilling over into other organs as visceral fat.

You have what’s called lobules in your liver, which help detoxify. They’re little units, and you usually have 5,000 to 10,000 of them. They’re nourished by the blood and also help with digestion. When you get inflammation and scar tissue, you start losing the function of these lobules. You may lose energy and feel tired. Although the liver is robust, at some point the damage can’t be reversed. But because the liver has the ability to regenerate, there’s still hope if you stop doing things to damage it. Antioxidants can help protect the lobules.

Your body makes antioxidants, and you get them from food too. Without antioxidants, your cells become more susceptible to damage. You could buy synthetic antioxidants, but they don’t work because antioxidants need a network of other antioxidants to properly function. When an antioxidant donates an electron to neutralize a free radical, it then becomes unstable and needs an electron from another antioxidant. Always get antioxidants from food or food concentrates.

Some drinkers get cirrhosis and some don’t because they have a bigger antioxidant reserve. Usually people who drink a lot don’t eat healthily. And if you smoke as well as drink you accelerate the process of damage.

See how most of the alcohol damage to your liver isn’t really from drinking alcohol?

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Most of the alcohol damage to your liver isn’t from drinking alcohol.

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