Most Thyroid Issues Are Secondary to Other Problems

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. . Are your thyroid symptoms caused by a secondary problem? Here’s what you need to know.

0:00 Most thyroid issues are secondary to other problems
1:02 How the liver and gallbladder affect the thyroid
2:10 The adrenal glands and autoimmune disorders
5:06 Ovaries, estrogen, and the thyroid gland
6:28 Key takeaways

In this video, I want to talk to you about the thyroid gland and what could be the reason behind your thyroid problems.

If you have thyroid issues, the symptoms may include:
• Hair loss
• Dry hair
• Loss of eyebrows
• Weight gain
• Abnormal thyroid glands and hormones

All these are caused by low thyroid levels in the body.

Now let’s talk about the major thyroid problems and their associated thyroid remedies.

The main causes of thyroid issues are the liver and gall bladder. If you experience cold feet or cold hands, it could be an issue of T4 not being converted into T3.

In this case, you may also experience symptoms associated with poor liver function, including bloating, burping, belching, right shoulder pain, headaches, and fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies. Supporting the liver and gallbladder with supplements can help improve these issues.

The next possible cause of your thyroid symptoms is the adrenal glands. The adrenals can cause an autoimmune disease where the thyroid attacks itself. All autoimmune disease is triggered by stress.

Autoimmune disorders can cause an overactive thyroid situation (hyperthyroid) or an underactive thyroid situation (hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s).

For these issues, you can take something called PMG, which is a kind of extract from the thyroid gland. This extract acts as a decoy to redirect autoimmune antibodies away from the thyroid gland.

The third most probable cause of thyroid issues is the ovaries. High levels of estrogen can exhaust the thyroid over time.

Acupressure and sea kelp are great remedies for thyroid issues.

It is very uncommon to have a primary thyroid problem—it’s typically one of the three things we talked about above.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this video helped clear up why most thyroid issues are secondary to other problems.

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