Saturday Morning Yoga | Pokemon Yoga!

Welcome to the most awesome family-time yoga in the universe! We are here to give your whole family a fun yoga and mindfulness start to your weekend! Get everyone together and make some space at the screen so you can all enjoy this next 45 minutes together!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below and if you take any pictures and want to share them, make sure to tag with #cosmickidsyoga so we can see you in action!

0:00 Pokemon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! We begin at the beginning of the Pokemon game, picking our first Pokemon then heading out to catch ’em all! We even take part in our first gym battle! This is such a fun story and one that will have everyone giggling!

24:39 SUPER YOGA! – Dinosaur Disco – A 5 minute fast-paced yoga game for kids. Get the wiggles out and build your knowledge of lots of kids yoga poses! Copy the moves and let’s see how many points we can score! A fun challenge for memory, coordination and information processing. A great one for the whole family to try!

29:35 Hero Pose | Yoga Pose Universe – Hero Pose is a wonderfully strong position – and helps you feel positive and capable. Remember to make sure your toes are pointing back when you do this one!

31:16 Flying Pose | Yoga Pose Universe – Time for take off in this epic balancing pose also known as Warrior 3 in grown-ups yoga! Feel free to grab on to something to help you balance if needs be!

32:56 Aeroplane Pose | Yoga Pose Universe ✈️ Time for take off as we balance, press and lift our bodies into aeroplane pose. Great for building strength, boosting confidence and going neeeeoooooowww!

34:40 Peace Out Guided Meditation for Kids | The Tickle Pixie – In this guided relaxation, we learn to notice the tiny vibrations on our skin – the Tickle Pixie – we slowly become more aware of the sensations in our bodies, helping us learn to notice how we feel. Enjoy the sensations of the tickle pixie in this mindfulness body scan adaptation made specially for kids.

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